March 16th Farmers Market

Saturday’s Farmers Market was so amazing we had to share it with you!

Honestly any day we are giving away books and talking to all of you is wonderful. It is so rewarding to see familiar faces, but Saturday there were two new additions that made our day.

This little man brightened everyone’s day when he decided to read his new books to us. He even held them up so we could see the pictures. We can’t wait to see him again.



(The 1st pic comes from his Mom’s Facebook post, the 2nd I took. I think it is clear which of us is the better photographer.)

Our second bright spot was much less interested in books, but since she was only six days old we understood.


Her name was Captain Marvel and she was our fuzziest visitor. We owe a big thanks to her very tolerant owner for letting Tina and I snuggle and bottle feed her.

Thank you to everyone who come out to see us, we love each and every one of you.